Business Phone System

Thinking about a business phone system for your office? With today’s technologies a business phone system is a whole lot more then just making and receiving calls. Technology has allowed companies to integrate their phone systems into core business applications, keeping team members connected in and out of the office.


Business Phone System

Business Phone System Features


Businesses can use features like presence, which allows colleagues to know when others are available, on the line, or what they are doing. Instant messaging, voicemail to email, simultaneous ring, and CRM integration with click to dial. These are just a few of the common features that allow businesses to stay connected internally and externally with their customers. Most companies have an app that sits on your desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet which you can access most of these features from.


Dialing in the Phone System for your Business


Every company is different and requires specific functions on their phone system. So it is important that you consider your long-term business needs. However, many companies today are renting their phone system and taking advantage of the economies of scale offered through hosted PBX or VoIP. This is where you pay a monthly fee for each phone/phone line. Your provider takes care of the system, updates, and all the maintenance. Many businesses are going this route based on the low up front investment, the ease of management, and to avoid ongoing equipment purchases. Hosted VoIP phone systems free companies up from the ongoing hourly service calls that go along with owning and operating your own system.


If you are considering upgrading your out of date business phone system, purchasing a new one, or just want to lower your overall phone bill we would be happy to help you find the right solution. We serve businesses nationwide but have a focus on the major Phoenix, AZ metro area, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Glendale.


Most companies don’t upgrade their system because of the perceived cost of new equipment. Let us run an analysis on how a new business phone system, whether rented or purchased may increase your team’s productivity and your bottom line.