The Growing Fiber Optic Internet Networks in Phoenix

More companies are requiring fiber optic internet for their office than ever before. Since Phoenix is such a large area, the fiber footprint has grown at a slower rate than other major cities. Well, we think that things may be heating up for businesses in Phoenix, pun intended. The demand has reached a point that companies are being forced to expand their fiber footprint or become obsolete. Service providers need to keep up if they want to meet the needs of today’s fast paced, technology driven business cultures.


What does this mean for my business?

It means that if you are running on a legacy technology you may be paying too much for slow internet speeds. As companies expand their fiber network into new buildings much of the cost is up front construction. Once that asset is there it becomes very profitable for the provider. What this means to you is faster speeds and a fraction of the cost of legacy technology. Generally, the first tenant that needs fiber has to pay the bulk of the cost, to justify the construction from the service provider. But once it’s in, it’s there, and that means significant opportunity for future tenants. Meaning much more affordable access to high bandwidth, high availability, low latency fiber internet!


What can I expect with a fiber optic internet connection?

Dedicated and highly scalable internet access. With fiber optic internet your office generally will enjoy the benefit of dedicated speeds. Meaning your not sharing your internet pipe with the software company next door, eating up all your bandwidth. With DSL and cable internet the speeds fluctuate, since they are shared with other businesses. Also, with fiber the speeds are generally symmetrical, meaning same upload and download. For instance 100Mb download and 100Mb upload. Generally cable and DSL internet have high download and much lower upload.


Why do I need this?

Business applications of all sorts are moving to the cloud or being hosted in offsite data centers. What used to be down the hall in your communications closet is now being hosted offsite in a data center. Think about it, companies that used to host a mail server on-site have moved that to Office 365 or Google for Work. Now what used to be down the hall is hundreds of miles away or more, and only accessible by the internet. Most accounting software and software platforms in general are moving to the cloud. Phone systems, audio and videoconferencing are being hosted in the cloud. Servers are being hosted in the cloud, websites, etc. You get the idea, if you haven’t already noticed your entire business is or will be in the cloud in the very near future. So having a fast and reliable connection to access these applications is critical to any business in today’s high tech world.


Ready to move to the cloud, I mean get a fiber optic internet connection?

If you want to find out how to double, triple, or even 10X the internet speed at your office you may want to to see about getting fiber for your business. If you checked 3 months ago, check again. Companies are expanding their network faster than ever before. As a byproduct the consumer wins, with very competitive pricing in the Phoenix market. If you want to avoid doing all the homework on your own, get in touch with us here. We have access to fiber network maps and fiber lit buildings in Phoenix. We can quickly check what is available in your building and get you the best deal. Feel free to reach out today to see what is available in your office. By phone at 480-656-4655 or email at


Comsource Communications has an intimate knowledge of the greater Phoenix, AZ metropolitan market. We specialize in fiber optic internet in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Glendale.





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