How to Test the Internet Speed in Your Office

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the speeds you are paying for from your ISP? If
you have a dedicated fiber or Ethernet connection you want know that you are getting the speeds you signed up for. Even if you have a shared DSL or cable connection you probably want to know if your internet is performing properly. (More on dedicated vs. shared internet here). So, what to do?

Run a Internet Speed Test

Running is speed test is a quick way to determine the bandwidth you are getting in any given moment on your network. One of the more popular speed test sites is There are a number of sites out there to test your speed and if you provider already has a speed test on their site, that may be a good way to go. Since, they generally will be able to give you the most accurate read. Here are a few in the Phoenix, AZ metro area that have speed test’s directly on their site.



Integra Telecom

Check with your provider to find out if they have a speed test that connects directly to their servers.

Make sure you are testing from the Modem Directly

Unless you are testing with a hardwired cable into your modem the test may not be accurate. The reason for this is you may have other users on your network that are pulling bandwidth or running applications while you are testing the speed. If you are connected wirelessly that can also diminish the accuracy of the test.

The best way is to get an accurate read of your speed is to plug directly into your internet handoff with no other users on your network. You may want to do this before or after business hours so you are not disrupting your workflow. Also, if your provider has a speed test page on their site it may be the most accurate way to test your speed.

Not getting the speeds you paid for?

If your speeds are not matching up to the services listed on your contract it may be time to open a ticket with your provider. Depending on your SLA (Service Level Agreement) you may be able to ask for a credit on your bill. Either way, make sure you document the entire process in case it becomes an ongoing issue. Working a provider that takes your business seriously is incredibly important. Also, if you don’t have a backup internet, it may be a small investment that could really payoff if your main connection goes down.

If you are having inconsistent internet speeds that are affecting your business, give us a call and we can explore how a fiber optic internet connection can transform your business experience online.

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