What is the best internet connection for my business?

What is the best internet connection for my business? This is a question I get at least a couple times a week. Well, the answer depends on what your business is doing online, your budget, and business goals. Most companies today rely on the internet for most of their day to day business operations. So, uptime and bandwidth are always #1 and #2. With that said, it is a matter of finding out what the best connection is for you based on what you can afford, and cutting out the noise.

Many people ask me if Cable is faster than DSL or if Fiber is available to their office. The most important thing to consider (regarding internet service) when moving to a new space is finding what connections are available to your new office. Not every provider has access to every building (something many people don’t consider when they are signing an office lease). So, make sure to check these in advance if at all possible.

Now, to bring some more clarity to the real question. Some of the best things to look for in an ISP (if you can afford it) for your office is one that has an SLA (service level agreement), is dedicated (meaning your not sharing your speeds with other users on the network), and is ideally over a fiber optic transport. This is not always an option for small companies starting up, typically with 10 or less internet users.

The best thing to do is work with a professional that is familiar with the different technologies and your specific market. An unbiased telecom consultant can save you a ton of time and frustration of trying to figure it all out on your own.