How to get fiber optic internet in your office

Have you ever wondered how to get fiber optic internet in your office? Do you wait for basic internet pages to load, or are you constantly having your connection buffer while waiting to watch a video? You may want to consider upgrading your office internet connection.

Access to technology

The fact is internet technology, and access to it in most major cities has advanced drastically over the last few years. So, if you are still waiting around on an old connection it may be time to take a look at some new technology.

Fiber optic internet is the next gen internet for those who are still unaware. It offers much faster speeds, over a much more reliable transport, with the economies of scale that could never be realized over copper. It is by FAR the best internet connection available to companies today.

So, if you are still with me, you should be convinced that fiber is the way to go for your company. The problem is getting it to your building in a cost effective way.

The first part is finding out if fiber optic internet is already in your building. If so, you have a huge advantage. The higher the population density of a business area the more likely it is already available. For instance, if you are in the Phoenix area, the Central Ave and Biltmore corridor are areas where fiber is very prevalent. A telecom broker or consultant that knows your area well can quickly search all the providers in your area to let you know if your building is “fiber lit”.

Getting fiber optic internet in your office

If fiber is not already in your building then there is a little more legwork. Not to worry, many carriers in the Phoenix area, and nationwide, are investing to bring this technology into office buildings.

Service providers take a look at numerous factors when bringing fiber to a commercial building. Here are the main considerations. What is the ROI? How much does it cost to bring the fiber to your office and what is the return on investment. They typically take a look at what your spending monthly times the number of months in your contract. They want to know what their payback is and the ROI. Other companies in the building can be factored in as prospective future revenue as well.

If you have made it to the point where you have found a company that is willing to make the investment to bring fiber to your office your halfway there.

Planning to bring in new service

Just a couple final thoughts on what you should keep in mind. Bringing fiber into your building often requires construction, so plan adequate time to get the fiber to your office. You have city permitting and building owner approval, which can take time. We always plan for at least 90 days or more for this process.

The other main consideration is conduit. If you do not have conduit from the street into your property that may be a substantial cost to you. This is where it pays to work with a professional that knows this process. Some carriers will bring the connection all the way into your office and put the conduit in place. Others require you to pay for this, which can be costly. This cost is not normally determined until after contracts are signed and a site survey has been completed. Again I cannot stress this enough, work with a professional that knows this process. You don’t want a big surprise 30-60 days after signing a contract.

If you are fanatical about productivity in your business than the right internet connection is vital. If you can’t tell we are pretty passionate about this stuff. So, give us a call if you think fiber optic internet could improve your bottom line.